This is in response to Tony DiStefano’s letter regarding the President Kennedy quote paraphrased by Cal Thomas.

DiStefano apparently looked at the statement through his strictly Democratic eyes and misunderstood the meaning or took it out of context of the entire column. At least I hope it was unintentional. What Thomas intended to be drawn when he said “ask what you can do for yourself” was not “selfish individualism,” but rather self or personal responsibility. There is a big difference. But when you have only one narrow viewpoint, it is easy to make such mistakes.

What Thomas meant was that those who are personally responsible are usually very good citizens. They make sure they are making their own way so as not to be a burden on anyone else. By taking responsibility for their own welfare, they contribute to the strength that built this country. Then instead of taking from the system, they are able to help those who are truly helpless to help themselves. What about that makes them selfish?

I encourage DiStefano and all others who adhere strictly to a party line to be more open to the views of all points of view. Instead of looking for something to criticize, look for the truth. They might learn something.

Jane Ferko