Deer hunting

Where can I go hunting for deer in Aiken County that doesn’t require me to join a club?

Beautiful pond

The dam in Vaucluse backs up one of the most beautiful ponds in the country. People have come and made paintings and pictures of that pond. It’s especially lovely this time of year. The only problem is we can’t use the pond any more like we did when we were children.

Police presence

The police presence at Citizens Park is nice. When people are out there walking at night, it’s nice to know they’re being looked out for. Thank you, Aiken.

New library

Now that we have a beautiful new County Government Center, let’s go for a new library building that is more accessible for all ages, even those who have mobility problems. Aiken is an educational center and deserves a better library building.

Hitchcock costs

As for making the parkway into four lanes, that seems like a huge waste of money. I have been on it several times going to VA appointments in Augusta and have yet to get involved in any kind of slow-down or even see that many cars. I’m sure it’s busier for about an hour or so in the mornings and evenings, but that’s to be expected. Here’s a common-sense suggestion: Just add one lane, which could be done without much construction chaos, or extra land usage. Then the middle lane could be used where needed for a turn lane. Also, to solve the problem of slow vehicles, that extra lane could serve as a passing lane on hills. I have seen this used to good effect in other area of the country where I have lived. Sure seems like a simple solution to what some are making into a huge problem. It’s not necessary with proper planning.

Food stamps

What is going on with the food stamps? My husband and daughter are getting $80 a month. That’s not enough to buy food.

I was brought up dirt poor. There were no food stamps. There was no government taking care of us. You went out and took care of yourself. If it was raking yards, you raked yards. If it was chopping down a tree, it was chopping down a tree, and, if you had to turn your front yard into a garden, you did it. You canned the food to make it through the winter. Get out and take care of yourself. There’s plenty of work.


Sometimes, my wife and I will pay for meals anonymously in various restaurants. The other day, someone did this for me. I want to say thanks and let them know we will continue to pass it on.