Tomorrow, voters in some communities in Aiken County will, we hope, be casting a ballot and selecting those who will be representing them in office.

While off-year election can sometimes fly under the radar, we encourage those in the towns of Burnettown, Monetta, Perry and Wagener to go out to the polls and vote.

C.H. Williams, James E. McIntosh, Danny Feagin and Henry Carlin are vying for the Burnettown mayoral seat. Three candidates are also vying for two town Council-at large seats. The candidates include Jonathan R. Dicks, Anthony Kirkland and Janet Cox West.

In the town of Monetta, three candidates are running for two Council at-large seats including Douglas E. Music, Johnny Salters and Nathan J. Shuler.

In Perry, Sandra Collins and Renee Hooker are both running for a vacant at-large Town Council seat.

Two candidates – current Mayor Mike Miller and Councilman Joey Black – are running in the Wagener mayoral election.

Voters should be aiming to elect candidates that can maintain or even improve a community’s quality of life. It’s not always an easy decision. In smaller towns, such as the ones we have in Aiken County, we’re sometimes left voting for or against our neighbors. This is certainly different than in many elections where we vote for senators and a president that we may never see in person while they’re in office.

It’s also refreshing to see elected officials in small towns working together closely for the betterment of a community. Such a mentality appears to be a long way from how things operate in Washington, D.C.

In addition, we applaud all the candidates who have stepped forward and offered to represent their towns.

While Congressional seats or the presidency aren’t up for grabs, we urge voters in each of these four towns to cast a ballot on Tuesday and try to make an impact locally.