A medical service that gets you in and out in just a few short minutes is coming to Aiken.

The CVS Minute Clinic is planning on opening at the CVS Pharmacy on Whiskey Road early next year, according to CVS spokesperson Brent Burkhardt.

“We’re excited,” said Jennifer Roszell, store manager. “It’s going to be a good thing, a very good thing.”

The clinic will be open seven days a week to provide patients with daily, 15-minute sessions, Burkhardt said.

“We treat acute common illnesses,” he said.

Such ailments include exams on minor illnesses (colds, flus, pink eye and earache/ear infection, etc.), minor injuries (bug bites, minor burns, splinter removal, blisters, etc.), skin conditions (acne, chicken pox, lice, minor rashes, etc.), wellness (basic health screenings, pregnancy evaluation, TB testing, weight loss, etc.) and health condition monitoring (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, etc.). Vaccinations for illnesses such as the flu, Hepatitis A and B, pneumonia and measles are also available.

Services will be available for those 18 months and older, according to information from the Aiken site.

Prescriptions can also be given out. Once you walk out of your appointment, you should be able to receive your medication within 15 minutes, according to Roszell.

“The nurse practitioners (the people who will operate the Aiken branch) use an e-script, where they just email your prescription over,” Roszell explained.

You can pick which pharmacy you wish to have the prescription sent to, according to Minute Clinic’s website.

No appointment is required. Once you arrive at CVS, sign in to the kiosk outside the clinic’s rooms and the kiosk will then tell your wait time.

“It’s great, because you know that you will be waiting for (say) 45 minutes, so you can go and do something else,” Roszell pointed out.

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with “advanced training, experience and education,” according to Minute Clinic’s website.

A session with one of these professionals can involve reviewing your medical history along with administering an exam or vaccination. The nurse practitioner will tell you what is recommended to do next, according to the company.

You can share this information with your primary care physicians by getting it yourself or by having the practitioner – with your permission – send it over.

If you do not have another physician, the Minute Clinic nurse practitioner should be able to give you information such as local hospitals and physicians accepting new patients, the company said.

Most insurance is accepted, including all Medicare and Medicaid. Which insurance is accepted does differ per state.

Right now, the closest Minute Clinics are in Columbia area. For a list of which insurance is accepted in this area, visit www.minuteclinic.com/SC/Columbia/insurance.aspx.

For an exact list of locations in this area, visit www.minuteclinic.com/SC/Columbia/clinics.aspx.

The Aiken branch is scheduled to open between January and March, according to Burkhardt.

The new clinic, at 2062 Whiskey Road, will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays; 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Sundays.

For more information, visit www.minuteclinic.com or call 803-648-2339.

Stephanie Turner graduated from Valdosta State University in 2012. She then signed on with the Aiken Standard, where she is now the arts and entertainment reporter.