Travel tips

The holiday travel season is here. Regardless of your trip away from home, carry a multiple outlet extension cord and vehicle power inverter. On a recent 8,000 mile nationwide vehicle vacation trip, I needed my extension cord many times. Additional trip information, I cheaply rented a 2013 vehicle and used two bottles of window cleaner keeping the windows clear and safe.


If the city is going to limit the speed limit on the bypass to 45 mph, they should not waste our tax dollars on a project to widen it. In my opinion the City Council made a very stupid decision and should be fired for incompetence.

More taxes

We pay Federal income tax, State income tax, real-estate tax, vehicle tax, sales tax, gasoline tax, tax on phone bills and God knows how many other taxes, and you want a higher gas tax? Why not suggest that the government become more efficient instead of additional or higher taxes? Why not just give the government all you have, and it will give you enough to survive then you can be totally dependent on the government? Oops, maybe that’s the plan.

Looks the same

Here we go again. Aiken county wants to institute a one percent sales tax for schools. Excuse me, but I thought the South Carolina lottery was supposed to cure all the ills of the schools. They tried to pass a property tax increase in 2010 in the form of a referendum to aid all the ills of the schools. The referendum was soundly defeated. So now they are going to try the back door and come in with a one percent sales tax. Don’t forget – when they float the idea for a new and improved tax, it’s a done deal. Keep an eye on the road or bridge near you – better yet take a picture and look at it in five or 10 years. It will look the same as it did when the picture was taken.

Zombielike drivers

What is being done about the almost daily discharge of firearms in proximity to schools? It has become very unsafe just picking students up and being on school grounds. The cars with no tags and zombielike drivers circle continuously and appear to be involved in illicit trade in the area. Wish an aggressive patrol could step up traffic stops and at least those without proper license and insurance can be put on foot. Need to start being proactive instead of reactive.