The Willcox hotel blocked off the length of its little end of Colleton Avenue, and lined up tables end-to-end, to host a special outdoor dining experience for the launch of Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration bourbon-rye blend on Saturday, Oct. 19.

Participants enjoyed this first-of-its-kind rollout of the newest member of Jefferson’s Bourbon’s Chef’s Collection, paired with a bourbon-inspired menu of custom dishes by Willcox chef Regan Browell. The dishes were served in an informal family-style atmosphere all along the street.

A cocktail reception began as the moon rose at 6 p.m., with Jefferson’s founder and whiskey maker Trey Zoeller joined by Willcox proprietors Geoffrey and Shannon Ellis and their own chef Regan Browell. Dinner followed at 7 p.m.

This product rollout combined a one-of-a-kind meal with Jefferson’s full line of “ridiculously small batch” whiskies, including the latest addition, Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration. Other featured whiskies were Jefferson’s Reserve, Jefferson’s Rye, Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration and Jefferson’s 21.

The dining experience was enhanced with live music and dancing to bluegrass favorites Doug and the Henrys.

Paired to taste with the new bourbon-rye blend was Chef Regan’s menu. Appetizers were an endive cup with fromage blanc, honey, tangerine and thyme; entrées were mint julep-basted New Zealand lamb leg and porchetta, with sides of black eyed peas with kale, pepper jelly and crème fraiche, maple-glazed sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts with sour cherries and roasted pecans, and for dessert were mini bourbon baked apples with cinnamon ice cream plus maple and bourbon marshmallow smote.