Leave it alone

Hitchcock Parkway should be left alone. Traffic has decreased according to some studies. The taxpayers need to have an honest and correct answer about the number of vehicles. The speed limit on the Aiken-Augusta Parkway is 45 miles an hour most of the way.

Drug problems

There is a crack house on East Pine Street in New Ellenton.

It looks like there is a drug problem in New Ellenton, and it looks like people know where the drug dealers are. What is going to be done about it?

Big crooks

Why is it whenever anyone has done something wrong, he or she have to go before Congress? Congress is the biggest crook in the world and no one does anything to them.

Gas terminals

Several gas terminals are located in Greenville, so there is less of a cost. There is a cost to bring the gas to Aiken.


You can leave the shoeboxes at several places around Aiken. Millbrook Baptist Church and the YMCA come to mind.

Meet the mayor

The Burnettown mayor is at the town meetings. You should go, you could meet the mayor.

Career ended

The Aiken voters should end the career of Joe Wilson. We need someone who represents the people.

To the dump

I live in the county, and the County does come out and pick up the litter, but within a few days, it looks just as bad as before. Everyone should take their trash to the dump.

Need to pass

The Parkway should be widened. There was a policeman in my lane who needed to pass and the person in my lane couldn’t get over. It’s a bad situation when you don’t have time to react. A four-lane would have kept that from happening.

Six bucks

The last time Social Security increased, Medicare also increased, and I ended up with $6.

Sick of pink

I’d like to apologize for the person who was sick of pink.

Mix the peaches

Graham has become ineffective and is doing the country a disservice. Look forward to attending the swearing in of Nancy Mace, the first female graduate of the Citadel. Graham can sell peaches when we get Nancy in office. Tip for Mr. Graham ... learn to make change and mix the hard and soft peaches 50/50.