The National Nuclear Security Administration – or NNSA – has reaffirmed its decision to award Consolidated Nuclear Security LLC the management and operations of several nuclear facilities in the country, including an unexercised option for tritium operations at SRS.

NNSA tapped Consolidated Nuclear Security LLC as the management and operating contractor for the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tenn., and the Pantex Plant near Amarillo, Texas. The contract also includes construction project management of the uranium processing facility at Y-12.

Consolidated Nuclear Security is comprised of Bechtel National Inc., Lockheed Martin Services Inc., ATK Launch Systems Inc. and SOC LLC.

Additionally, it will use subcontractors Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. as a merger and transformation specialist, and General Atomics for Savannah River Tritium Operations if that option is exercised by NNSA in the future.

“The solicitation allows the NNSA to take Tritium Operations work currently performed by the management and operating contract Savannah River Nuclear Solutions LLC on behalf of NNSA and transition it to CNS. The work and workforce at the Savannah River Site would remain there, its management would change,” wrote NNSA Press Secretary Keri Fulton in an email.

When the contract was first announced in January, NNSA reported the move would save $3.27 billion in taxpayer dollars over the next decade. Consolidated Nuclear Security assumed its new responsibilities in May.

The base term of the contract is five years, with options that may extend the term up to an additional five years.

If NNSA’s option for Savannah River Tritium Operations is exercised at the end of year one, the contract includes a total available fee of approximately $446 million to manage the three sites for DOE and NNSA work, depending on Consolidated Nuclear Security’s quality of performance, according to a press release.

NNSA laid out four objectives with this contract, including improving performance in the completion of national security missions for nuclear production operations; transitioning and merging operations for nuclear weapon assembly/disassembly, enriched uranium, high-explosive production and tritium supply management under a single contract; and reducing the cost of performing work.

“Our nuclear production capabilities are critical to our national security, and CNS represents the best value to the government as evidenced by its superior technical and management approach and its lower evaluated cost,” said NNSA Acting Administrator Bruce Held. “Additionally, this award puts NNSA in a position to improve mission delivery by focusing on improving the way we operate, saving taxpayer dollars and aligning ourselves for the future.”