Taking freedom

Our government is taking all of our freedoms. We have the freedom of religion not freedom from religion and we need to stand up for our rights. If you’re not a religious person and don’t believe in God it doesn’t apply to you.

End a prayer

If you can’t end a prayer in the name of Jesus Christ you’re wasting your time. John 14:13 says ‘And whatsoever you shall ask in my name, I shall do it.’

Wrong again

My apologies to the man in the red truck in line for shredding last Saturday. When I drove up, my car would have been right behind him. I mistakenly thought he was gesturing for me to go ahead of him. My thought was “what a nice gentleman” to allow me to do this. Guess I was wrong in both counts.

What a gem

This is in response to all of the opposition for the parkway expansion. I feel that the parkway expansion is a good thing. To the person who wrote in the TalkBack earlier about the law-makers are “ruining something that makes Aiken a gem,” I didn’t know a poorly maintained, over traveled, dated piece of infrastructure made Aiken a “gem.” I would like to thank the SCDOT and Aiken officials for trying to move the city forward by updating an aging piece of infrastructure. Shame to those individuals who want to hold Aiken back by stating that an infrastructure upgrade is a bad thing.


If they tear down Ola Hitt’s house, I hope they try to salvage a lot of it for Habitat for Humanity.

Any copies?

Does the Aiken County Public Library have copies of the City of Aiken, City of North Augusta and Aiken County budgets? Where can someone go to look at them besides online?