The dam in Vaucluse should be fixed.


Aiken needs new leadership from the mayor on down.

Violence and alcohol

To the one refuting the relationship between domestic violence and alcohol, the previous comment simply said alcohol is a main contributing factor, not that it was the cause. In fact, according to a study done in 2005 by the University of Buffalo, it’s a major contributor. A couple of quotes from that study: 1. Men who drink alcohol and have a predisposition for physical violence toward their female partners are more likely to be violent on the days they drink alcohol. 2. We found that the timing of violent episodes was more likely to occur during or shortly after the drinking episodes. Google it and check it out yourself. It’s a very interesting and thought-provoking study.

Gas tax

If a higher gas tax will give us safer roads and bridges, I’m all for it. You don’t get something for nothing.

Growth in Aiken

SRS has been cutting back on workers for years. The Aiken population keeps going up. Most of the people who worked at SRS after construction did not live in or close to the City of Aiken. The first time I saw a map of where the workers really lived, I was surprised to see Beaufort and Greenville and other faraway places. People forget about the new and expanding factories north of Graniteville. On Thursday night, I was traveling north on the Hitchcock Parkway. An ambulance was going to the hospital. The shoulder of the road to the right was a drop off. I stopped on the road, which was not safe, to help it get around cars. The S.C. Department of Transportation does not widen roads unless there is proof it is greatly needed. Try to get a dirt road paved. Good luck.

Cancer education

You are correct. Everyone knows about breast cancer and that the pink ribbons represent breast cancer. Breast cancer does not discriminate between male, female, age, color or family history. Yes, like you, I knew about breast cancer, had monograms and, with no family history of cancer, did not give it a second thought but supported friends and family who have or had many types of cancer. In May, I went to my first Relay For Life, having just been diagnosed with breast cancer. What a celebration of life for all cancer survivors. Like all research – be it cancer, diabetes or heart disease, just to name a few – awareness, fundraising and education are the key to cures. Either you are the most well-educated person when it comes to breast cancer and other cancers, or the one who still needs to be educated.