Atlantic Broadband will offer a new TiVo digital entertainment service in Aiken come December.

Atlantic Broadband announced on Tuesday with TiVo, Inc., a digital video recording service company, the start of the country's first cable service provider to offer TiVo's newest digital service.

“There's been a little confusion in the marketplace as far as the name of the service,” David Isenberg, chief marketing and strategy officer with Atlantic Broadband, said. “As far as the name of the service and what we are launching, the TiVo will be based on the T6 platform. TiVo uses 'Roamio' in places like Best Buy, and we are launching the TiVo service through Atlantic Broadband.”

Customers of Atlantic Broadband will now have access to TiVo services and capabilities, including being able to stream live or recorded shows to an iPad or iPhone anywhere in their homes.

“I might be in my bedroom without a TV, but can be watching my favorite college football game while my wife is watching 'Real Housewives,'” Isenberg said. “That really opens up a whole new way to watch TV, and we're very excited about that. At the same time, using that mobile app, they can actually download most shows and take them to go if you have children and you're going to be taking a long car ride.”

The service also includes a “No Compromises” viewing option, the new T6 platform can record up to six shows at once, storing up to 1,000 shows while delivering full DVR services on every television in the home. Customers can click the “What to Watch Now” menu with shortcuts to popular TV shows, movies and live sporting events and customers can watch them anywhere on smartphones or tablets. A wish list can also be created, matching customer's choices with other actors, shows or movies.

“There is also a Google-like search capability where you can search for a show or a movie, and it makes it very easy to find content that's On Demand or on live TV,” Isenberg said. “Also, because this is an Internet connected platform, customers can watch millions of videos from YouTube and other sources. You can listen to Internet radio from Pandora or watch photo slide shows from Picassa.”

The TiVo service will be built into Atlantic Broadband's suite of double and triple play bundles at no extra charge. The new bundle offers extra features which include Home Networking Support and Whole Home HD, free movies and series from providers like Encore or Starz. Prices will start as low as $99.99 per month and customers already using Atlantic Broadband DVR can upgrade to the new TiVo service for $10 more per month.

“We really think TiVo is the ultimate TV experience,” Isenberg said. “We are really excited about the benefits this is going to bring to our customers.”

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Maayan Schechter is the city beat reporter with Aiken Standard. An Atlanta native, she has a mass communications-journalism degree from the University of North Carolina Asheville.