Hitchcock defense

Anyone who thinks making Hithcock Parkway a four-lane will destroy Aiken’s character needs his or her head examined. It’s a suburban cut-through connecting business districts. There are many nice homes along the way, but nothing along the parkway is a true indicator of Aiken’s character.

The beauty of Hitchcock Woods was ruined by overzealous tree harvesting. Aiken is defined by its downtown, Hitchcock Woods and the Winter Colony homes.

I am one of the 19,000 people who use the Hitchcock Parkway on a regular basis. I am not one of the few dozen who bought property with Hitchcock Parkway in the backyard. I am absolutely certain capacity on Hitchcock Parkway must be increased.

The logical way to do that is an expansion to four lanes. Four lanes will provide adequate capacity for growth, as well as safety and will avoid having to come back and do it all again in the near future

Tax increases

The School Board wants to increase your taxes. Does it ever occur to these people that when you take money (taxes) from individuals that they have less money to spend on their own families, their churches and their own necessities? I think these people who want to raise taxes need to spend a few years living in any liberal state and see how high taxes have destroyed those places and made life there a hardship for all working people

Property value

We have called Aiken about the condition of the houses and yards people are keeping in Clearwater and nothing is being done. People have couches and refrigerators in their yards. The houses are empty and falling down. Our property values are going down but the taxes are going up. Is there nothing that can be done? These people aren’t living up to code.

Southern Belle dating

I’m an authentic Southern Belle. I’m an original Aikenite to boot. I’m older than 70, and I’m interested in dating. A good meal and a movie sounds good.


Thanks to Kent Cubbage and his Ghost Walk Tour I attended on Wednesday night. It was a perfect night walking around downtown, listening to historical and creepy stories about Aiken’s history. Great for a night of pre-Halloween fun!