Aiken gas prices

The price of gas in Aiken has risen too much. It’s cheaper in Greenville.

Pink overboard

I agree with the person who is tired of pink. I know it’s for breast cancer awareness, but it seems they have gone overboard.

Tax for bridges

If a higher gas tax will give us safer roads and bridges, I’m all for it. You don’t get something for nothing.

Meet the mayor

I’ve been in Burnettown for 60 years, and I have never met the mayor.

Paving Windsor

The County should pave the dirt roads in Windsor with the money it’s spending on furniture. They are terrible.

Food industry

People will continue to get fatter if they keep eating out and consuming gallons of soda and processed foods. There isn’t anything you can buy these days that doesn’t have corn syrup in it, which is twice as sweet as sugar. We need to go back to preparing our food from scratch with natural ingredients. Look at the old photos of your family from the ’40s – nobody was fat. The food industry is going to kill us all if we let it.

Roadway litter

The litter along the roadways in Aiken is disgusting. Something should be done to clean up this unsightly image of our town. Residents need to pick up all trash on or around their properties. We should all pitch in and clean up our beautiful town.

Insurance in retirement

I retired from SRS seven years ago. My insurance premium tripled this year.

Christmas donations

Who collects the shoeboxes for the Christmas charity? I have several I would like to donate.

Money causes conflict

Most conflicts are motivated by money, not religion.

Hitchcock Parkway pros

Why is everyone complaining about widening Hitchcock Parkway. There is no beauty left in Aiken. Most people don’t remember what Aiken really looked like any more.

I remember when the bypass was first built. I was a young driver, and the 55 mph speed limit went along the bypass. It helped to open up property for development and when that happened, you have more congestion. The road should have been built years ago when these developments started going in. Everyone should have known it was going to be widened eventually.