Penny sales tax

I see the schools are asking for a penny sales tax; however, the County is spending $1.45 million on new furniture. Why can’t they use the furniture they have now and spend that money on the schools?

Rubber bullets

Cops used deadly force on a 13-year-old carrying a toy rifle. Police shouldn’t have lethal bullets. They should be able to only shoot rubber bullets and never use lethal force on a child.

New Ellenton drugs

Green Street, Walker Street and Richmond Circle are where they sell the drugs in New Ellenton.

Southern belles

I always hear how the South is supposed to have Southern belles and good Southern women. However, I have yet to find one who is in her 50s. Most of the women I see look like wild people who have just come out of the woods. None of them seem interested in dating or marrying a widower.

Business in S.C.

If business owners don’t like conservative South Carolina, they need to return to the states from where they came.

Leaf pick-up

I’ve lived in Aiken for six years, and, every year, I rake up three piles of leaves because I live on a corner lot. Today, the City came by and picked up two piles and left a note on my door saying they will only stop once. When did they start this policy?

News stations

NBC hasn’t had a football game at 6 p.m., and Channel 26 doesn’t show local news at that time on Saturday. WIS is supposed to have local news, but it isn’t being shown.

Power outages

I don’t understand why the power is going off in New Ellenton every month. I can’t even cook.

Balloon safety

Why do all the animal lovers and people who are vegetarians release all these balloons at these events. These balloons are dangerous to the birds.

Sheriff’s booth

I was disappointed that there was no sheriff’s booth at the fair this year.

Giving money

I think if you give a beggar a dollar in the parking lot, you will be blessed also and will know that the beggar has received it.