Get a life

To the person banging on about yoga positions being worship to Hindu gods, get a life and stop obsessing about religion.


Never voting again is certainly a moronic solution to the problem of a charge for road kill – whatever that is. But, hey, we probably wouldn’t want someone with this mentality voting anyway.

Religious beliefs

Virtually every conflict throughout history and today is religiously motivated – fighting each other because your god is supposedly the true god and better than their god. If you really think about it, your religious beliefs are largely a factor of the country in which you are born and the beliefs of your parents.

Dirt roads

I read an article about paving Bussey Road because of people going to church. I live on Cedar Branch and have been promised that the road will be paved for years now. People on Cedar Branch Road also go to church, and we have a lot of polo players who travel this road with trailers. It’s one of the worst dirt roads in Aiken, but it’s still not paved. We also pay the extra tax.

Mark your calendar

The Aiken Concert Band performance of Oct. 15, featuring guest bassoonist Bryson Wightman, was fabulous. You should mark your calendar for the Christmas concert on Dec. 3.

Great event

Just wanted to give a big Southern thank y’all to everyone who attended the 36th annual National Bluebird Society Conference on Oct. 3-5 in Aiken. The affiliate chapter, SCBS, put on a great event. To those who worked tirelessly in front of and behind the scenes, we thank you, too.

Detroit war zone

The city of Detroit looks like a war zone. Services are non-existent. Their debt is $17 billion, or about $25,000 per resident. They can borrow no more money, and are filing bankruptcy. The United States debt is $52,000 per resident. How long until we stop paying our debt and are forced into bankruptcy? Does anyone understand how quickly our country is going under? No. Neither did the corrupt politicians in Detroit.


Sometimes, my wife and I will pay for meals anonymously in various restaurants. The other day, someone did this for me. I want to say thanks and let them know we will continue to pass it on.