Glad to see pink

To the person who wrote “Enough with the Pink,” if you or your family ever experience breast cancer, you will be glad to see pink. My daughter and I are breast cancer survivors and are blessed to be here to see pink. Say your prayers.

Serious Republicans

I was wondering if, after this sad stunt, the Tea Party still had any supporters left? Well, guess they are all in Aiken. Ask yourself if you would rather starve to pay out-of-pocket expenses or go without insurance than being able to finally pay for one. May God always bless you and your family for that to never happen. Serious Republicans will agree on this one.

Gem town

You occasionally get stuck behind a car not doing 55 mph, which may delay you 30 seconds to the end of the parkway. Is this reason to waste money on widening a road when they are talking about raising the tax on gas to maintain all the roads in poor repair in the county? Our elected officials should be fired. They need to get their priorities in order and fix things that need fixing and not destroy others that make Aiken the gem town it is.

Debt will get bigger

A major part of government spending is Social Security and Medicare. Most folks will draw out far more than they ever paid in. So why is everyone so enraged when the national debt increases? It doesn’t matter who is in power, unless more taxes are collected the debt will get bigger.