This year when you settle your trick-or-treaters in after their long Halloween night, turn down the lights for your own spooky delight.

Three books are available to help you explore South Carolina’s spooky side: “Eerie South Carolina: True Chilling Stories from Palmetto Past,” “Legends and Lore of South Carolina” and “Forgotten Tales of South Carolina.”

Sherman Carmichael, the books’ author, takes time to explore more than just tales of ghosts.

“Eerie South Carolina” is the most recent of the three.

“Many of these stories have been told and retold throughout generations,” according to the book’s description.

The book highlights tales like the ghost of the Abbeville Opera House, the 12 headless bodies of Folly Beach and the historic Battery Carriage House Inn of Charleston.

For more ghost tales, see “Legends and Lore of South Carolina” which covers stories like the Third Eye Man of Columbia, the Devil’s Bridge of Spartanburg and the Headless Horseman of Fenwick Hall.

For a broader range, “Forgotten Tales of South Carolina” discusses sightings of UFOs, monsters – “something for everyone interested in the strange and unusual,” according to the book’s description.

Carmichael is “not a ghost hunter.”

“Everything I’ve seen, heard or felt has been by accident,” he said. “Nothing was planned.”

It was when he picked up an issue of Fate Magazine, a publication that dives into the otherworld, that the Johnsonville author started his exploration into the paranormal.

“I read a copy of it, (and) it sparked my interest.”

Ever since then, when he hears of a tale, he goes right into researching it.

He started researching when he was 18 and still does to this day, according to his biography.

His books also include stories related to his home, such as Kingsburg UFO and the Kingsburg Hitchhiker.

Aiken County is not excluded, either. To read more, see “Forgotten Tales of South Carolina.”

Carmichael has worked in law enforcement, in the entertainment industry and in newspapers, as well as with photography.

To see his videos, visit his Youtube channel Carmichael Entertainment.

“Eerie South Carolina” was illustrated by Kristen Solecki, “Forgotten Tales” by Kyle McQueen.

To purchase Carmichael’s publications, visit stores Books-a-Million or Booklovers Bookstore or websites Amazon, Barnes & Noble or The History Press.

Stephanie Turner graduated from Valdosta Sate University in 2012. She then signed on with the Aiken Standard, where she is now the arts and entertainment reporter.