Reddest of the red

In this state of great thinkers – reddest of the red, I offer a little history lesson. Abe Lincoln was a Republican and a hero until he abolished slavery, at which point this great state went all Democrat overnight and stayed that way until Lyndon Johnson and his horrid Civil Rights Act, and the swing was back to all Republican. Our former hero, Abe, said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Republicans would do well to remember that admonition from a Republican 160 years ago.

Meatier issues

While I am Conservative, I think Republicans are barking up the wrong tree attacking Obamacare. Based on the difficulties that SRS retirees experienced working through insurance exchanges when the Site cut us loose from their Site plan for employees, I think that Obamacare will fall far short of the 7 million they are hoping to sign up. After working with a faulty computer sign-up system, insurance exchanges and people finding out how much it is really going to cost them, the enrollment will be far short of the number necessary to make Obamacare feasible in its present form. Folks will just pay the small fine, at least the first couple of years, and then it will be obvious that changes need to be made to the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans should be going after far meatier issues that have more profound effects.

Think of pink

I feel sorry for the person who doesn’t want to raise awareness of breast cancer. When you think of pink, you should pray for the healing of those suffering from cancer.

Checkout panhandle

I don’t like being panhandled at the checkout counter.

Dead animals

Yes, I am an animal lover, and don’t like to see dead deer pics (especially with children with guns). And, yes, I am super offended at the grocery store when I see dead animals packaged appealingly for people. I am a vegetarian and do not eat animals as my body is not a graveyard for them. Maybe if the packages of meat had pictures of the horrors of the slaughter houses, you might find it disturbing, also.

Very much a hero

I want to send a thank you to the wonderful gentlemen who came to our rescue. He walked in and saw us struggling with a large dog who had hooked his toenail on his collar. This brave man picked up the dog in his arms even though it was snarling and very upset and carried it outside. He stayed with the dog until the dog was freed from the collar. He is very much a hero in our eyes and in the eyes of the dog, Jethro.