Several elections will be held in four towns across Aiken County on Nov. 5.

This is a snapshot of those elections and who's attempting to gain a seat on one of these town councils.

Wagener Mayoral Elections

Current Mayor Mike Miller and Councilman Joey Black are both running for the Wagener mayoral seat.

Miller has served on the Wagener Town Council since 2004 and was elected mayor four years ago. He started his career as a police officer, and he later worked as an anesthesiologist at Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital as well as taught clinical anesthesia at USC.

He said that during his term, improvements have started on the town's deteriorating water infrastructure, which he said needs to be done not only for the residents but to also support new business in the area. He said that improvements have also been made to the town's police department.

“I'm here to stay. I'm not just dropping by,” Miller said. “I really love this town. I think we're going to prosper and progress.”

Black has been the finance manager of B&B Ford Inc. in Barnwell for more than a decade. He has served on the Wagener Town Council for two years. He said his experience and knowledge as a finance manager could benefit the town fiscally. He said money is tight these days, and responsible decisions are necessary to succeed.

Black said he would work with local business owners and would love to see more industry in Wagener. He added that he is very involved in the community and would continue to be.

“I think I can do a better job as mayor because I actually listen to the people and what they want,” Black said. “As mayor, I think a lot of people forget it's not our way. We have to look at what the town people say.”

Burnettown Mayoral Elections

C.H. Williams, James E. McIntosh, Danny Feagin and Henry Carlin are all hoping to fill the Burnettown mayoral seat for the next term.

Williams has served as mayor for eight years. He has also served on the County's first recreation committee and the Board of Adjustment and Appeal.

Williams said he puts in 40 hours or more a week conversing with residents around town and tries his best to address their concerns. He said to be mayor, time has to be put into the job.

“If you don't have the time, why run? Are you going to take time to visit with the people and see what's going on?” Williams asked.

McIntosh has served as a Burnettown councilman for 13 years and was a police officer until he was injured after 28 years on the job. McIntosh said he has worked under three different town mayors.

McIntosh said there are several town projects he would like to see completed, especially since the town has grown over the past several decades. He said he has also taken classes through the S.C Municipal Association to learn how he can better serve his town.

“My top priority is the citizens of Burnettown,” McIntosh said.

Feagin has six years experience on the town Council, has worked at Kimberly Clark for 31 years and owns a Citgo Gas Station.

Feagin wants to make “badly needed” renovations to the town park. He said that there needs to be restroom facilities installed at the park, and there's equipment that needs repairing. He said that there has been too much focus on the town's police force, but there are other issues at hand.

“I just want to overall improve the town,” Feagin said.

Carlin is self-employed and does concrete work. He has served as a volunteer firefighter for about two decades and has never run for office before.

Carlin would also like to see further improvements made to the parks as well as have the police spread more evenly through town. He's also concerned with the fact that several local stores and restaurants have recently gone out of business.

“We have stores or restaurants in good shape, but vacant,” Carlin said. “We need to build a tax base in Burnettown.”

Other elections

Burnettown also has three candidates bidding for two town Council at-large seats. The candidates include Jonathan R. Dicks, Anthony Kirkland and Janet Cox West.

The Town of Monetta has three candidates running for two town Council at-large seats including Douglas E. Music, Johnny Salters and Nathan J. Shuler.

Last but not least is one vacant at-large Perry Town Council seat for which Sandra Collins and Renee Hooker are vying.

Amy Banton is the County beat reporter and has been with the Aiken Standard since May 2010.