When a storm struck the sea, passenger Julian Carter thought it was all a dream. She couldn’t grasp the incident was possibly occurring, or that it would change her life forever.

Texas-based author Ted Dekker tells her tale in his new book, “Outlaw.”

The novel was released on Tuesday; that night, Dekker began his 18-city tour.

On Monday, Dekker will be at Cedar Creek Church at 6 p.m.

“I am excited about coming to Aiken (for the first time) and sharing myself with whoever comes,” Dekker said.

Dekker has been on several book tours before but never in churches – and never this personal.

The writer was born and raised in the jungles of Indonesia, where the novel is set. His parents were missionaries, and his childhood included living among cannibals.

“Dekker is touring the country to share what none have heard about his journey into the light,” a release stated.

Dekker does admit he’s “very grateful for growing up that way. … You are always an outsider, but it always gives you an unique perspective.”

The author moved to the United States when he wanted to attend school, he said. He graduated from a multi-cultural high school and went on to study philosophy and religion before entering the corporate world.

Though he strived business-wise, Dekker began to write at night, with his upbringing and its impact never straying too far from him.

It has “helped inform my storytelling,” he said.

The author later sold his business and now lives in Austin, Texas. He has released more than 30 books.

“I go through an exploration of myself and humanity and who we are in this world through these stories,” he said. “I am best known for my thrillers, (and) I have written fantasy novels.”

Now, he has “Outlaw” and the story of Julian, i.e. Julie, Carter.

After surviving a ship crash, the “Southern belle” is pulled into a grisly, stone-age civilization, where her fight for survival as a newly-bound slave is to birth a son for one of the warring princes.

She believes her own son to be dead, but her son is in fact very much alive and must rise up to save her.

“My name is Julian, and this is my story,” she declares according to a book description. “But more, it is the story of my son who was born to change the world.”

“Outlaw” will be available for purchase and signing after Dekker’s presentation on Monday.

“You will be able to see yourself in this novel,” Dekker said. “It’s going to be a fun night – more of an experience, ... a new (one) for me and my fans.”

Cedar Creek Church is located at 3001 Banks Mill Road.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. There will be no admission fee.

For more information on the tour and Aiken appearance, visit www.theoutlawtour.com or call 803-649-3096.

Dekker has returned to the place of his childhood and still considers himself a “third-culture kid” because of it.

He resides with his wife and children. His books can be found online at his website, Amazon or Barnes & Noble or in stores like Books-A-Million.

For more information, visit www.teddekker.com.