Gov. Nikki Haley said she feels that she and other governors will have to start getting “loud” with Washington, D.C. in the aftermath of the government shutdown.

Haley spoke about the issue at Friday's Women of Woodside luncheon in Aiken.

“I think what you're going to start seeing – it's not just me; it's other governors – we're going to start getting loud with D.C. because we're getting the effects of D.C.,” Haley said during a question-answer session at the luncheon. “The shutdown affected so many people, and for them to wait until the last minute and play games with peoples' lives like that is just wrong.”

In addition to the shutdown, Haley also answered questions about ethics reform. Haley said there should be one system for ethics reform that will govern everyone.

“There needs to be one ethics system that me and everybody else falls under,” she said. “If you ask your senators – Republican or Democrat – and they question ethics reform even a little bit, that's a red flag. There are no excuses to not be for ethics reform.”

Haley was invited by the Women of Woodside group to speak at one of their three yearly luncheons. In addition to answering questions, Haley used the opportunity to talk about her book, “Can't is Not an Option: My American Story.”

After her speech, group members lined up so Haley could autograph copies of the book.

Women of Woodside President Alice Hofmann spoke about the group's excitement to have the governor speak at the event.

“We reached out to Gov. Haley and she graciously accepted,” said Hofmann. “It was an honor to have a female governor to come speak to a female organization. This was our first luncheon of the year so it was a great way to kickoff.”

Group member Gloria Supansic was also present and had a chance to speak to Haley about educational reform.

“I'm a former elementary school principal, and I volunteered to be on any committee that she has,” Supansic said. “It's such an honor that an Indian, Republican woman is the governor of South Carolina. That's inspirational enough for me.”