Why do our congressmen want to be part of an institution that is doing more harm than good and has no respect for the people who voted them in?

Why is everyone fussing about U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson? He and U.S. Rep. Trey Goudy are doing all they can to overcome the vindictiveness.

Why is football the only thing on TV on Saturday and Sunday? The seniors are the ones who carry the TV, and we want to see the news.


The New Ellenton police are always pulling over people for speeding. However, they’re doing nothing about the cocaine.


I profess to be a Christian who practices yoga, Pilates and Zumba. I imagine you could find something wrong with those things, as well.

Gas prices

It appears that the gas stations in Aiken have come together to raise the price of gas. Gas is cheaper in Georgia.

Unforgivable tactics

My congressman and one of my senators voted last week to continue the federal shutdown and to send our country into default on its debts. They will not get my vote in the next election. I agree with them that there are serious problems in Washington, D.C., but their tactics were unforgivable.


I have to wonder if the person who keeps writing that U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson did not support retirees or SRS during the shutdown even knows how to read. It was reported correctly in the Aiken Standard that Wilson submitted legislation to fund the Site, and Wilson and the rest of the Republicans in the House submitted several budgets funding 98 percent of the federal government. Of course, it is the Senate Democrats and the president who refused to accept that funding and told park police and agency heads to make things as uncomfortable as possible for the American people.

Hitchcock Parkway

There was not one mention in the article about Hitchcock Parkway about the number of people against widening the parkway. The people are not listened to in Washington, D.C., and certainly it is being proven here in Aiken. With all the layoffs at the Site and elsewhere in the Aiken area, the volume of traffic on the parkway will be reduced ... unless the unemployed will be spending more time driving to Sam’s Club, the new Aiken County Government Center, Aiken Regional Medical Centers and the USC Aiken Convocation Center to spend their unemployment check. The traffic on the parkway is lower now than five years ago, and there is not a traffic problem now, nor will there be in the future, as the article stated.