A victory is always a great way to end the season.

Barrington and Foxdale Equine/Peachtree battled Friday morning at Meadow Hill in the Aiken Polo Club’s USPA Copper Cup 12 goal.

The game saw both teams internalizing their strategy, carrying it and than executing plays routinely, in cooler temperatures that seemed much more frigid because of the wind. Barrington’s roster was composed of Barb Uskup, Owen Rinehart, Antonio Galvan and Jake Stimmel. Foxdale Equine/Peachtree’s team featured Randy Rizor, Julian Daniels, Marcos Onetto and Hugh Worsham.

Barrington would have a common denominator throughout the game, scoring and often, in their 14-8 win, but after a strong start, Foxdale Equine/Peachtree demonstrated their character and resiliency, reducing the deficit to a goal at one stage of the match.

Barrington’s Jake Stimmel would open the game’s scoring on a successful penalty conversion. That first goal would set the stage as Barrington attacked the offensive zone with consecutive goals from the field from Owen Rinehart and Barb Uskup, while limiting the opposition’s scoring chances and keeping them off the scoreboard in the first chukker.

It was that same approach that continued to provide dividends as Barrington opened a six goal lead before the opposition responded. Rinehart, Stimmel and Galvan scored in succession, but Foxdale Equine would break through before the end of the second chukker, with a goal from the field from Julian Daniels.

The game was played at a fast pace, and the teams found themselves having to play with speed to create offensive opportunities. Barrington won the third chukker’s opening bowl-in. However, Foxdale Equine/Peachtree concentrated on finding ways to stay in the game to give themselves a chance, but not before consecutive goals by Stimmel and Rinehart put them in a seven goal hole. Daniels would score from the ensuing bowl-in, and a pair of goals by Onetto, the second one in front of a congested goal mouth, reduced the deficit to 8-4 going into the half.

Foxdale Equine/Peachtree sharpened their focus, winning the opening bowl-in of the second half, and striking first on a goal by Onetto. And it was Foxdale Equine/Peachtree’s ability to capitilize when given the chances as Onetto nearly went the length of the field to reduce the margin to two goals. Foxdale Equine/Peachtree continued to create opportunities as Onetto converted a 30-yard penalty shot to make it a one goal game. Barrington responded with a goal from Owen Rinehart, and in attempt to limit the opposition, Marcos Onetto crashed into the left upright. Both the player and horse were fine.

Foxdale Equine/Peachtree won the penultimate chukker’s opening bowl-in, but it was Stimmel scoring from 40-yards out. Penalty conversions from Uskup and Galvan, and another goal by Uskup from the field would take the energy out of most teams, but Foxdale Equine/Peachtree won the ensuing bowl-in, and Randy Rizor scored late in the period.

“It was the end of the season,” said Uskup. “We tried to play as hard as we could to win the game. It’s good to be able to get the victory.”

Galvan capped the game’s scoring in the final chukker.