A.G. Blackmon’s letter of Oct. 20, 2013, (miscaptioned “Society now fatally flawed”), does summarize the current flawed state of our culture, but its main theme is as to our nation and of our president’s seeming determination “ ... to destroy this last hope of freedom on earth.” The last two sentences of the letter pose two sharp inquiries as to that determination: “Can we really say that we know what his goals are? Or whether he is of a martyr’s mentality?” Those are the piquant points of his letter that are very perceptive, demanding of review.

The president’s goals being personal and private, we cannot really say what those are. But we can review the suggested alternative of a “martyrs mentality” or, as otherwise referred to, martyr complex.

In psychology, the martyr complex, sometimes associated with the term victim complex, is a neurotic struggle in a person that likely began in childhood as a result of, among other causes, poor parent-child, grandparent-child interactions. The victim role is an important component of a martyr complex because it justifies in the person’s mind that others are responsible for the resulting personal hurt, and in the victim’s view that his behavior is beyond criticism; that he is a light to the world, a shining example of good, and exemplary of how a selfless person should behave. In adulthood, neurotic martyrdom is often displayed in passive-aggressive strategies including guilt-trips, excuses, double messages and an inability to negotiate compromises.

Is that to which Blackmon was referring in his reference to “martyr’s mentality?” If so, the president’s term will end, prayerfully without destruction of this last hope of freedom, and that this mentality will not have become a permanent Democratic party malady.

Jim Wetzel