Don’t blame alcohol

Alcohol doesn’t cause domestic violence. It may escalate it, but it’s not the cause. That’s a myth when people think if they didn’t drink, they wouldn’t do this. Don’t try to sweep it under the doorstep and blame alcohol.


Once a Marine, always a Marine.

Ignoring alcohol

Alcohol is always ignored – especially in sports venues. Leaving stadiums, people are drunk. Leaving restaurants, people are drunk. Leaving bars people are drunk. No one wants to do anything about it because when they close them, no one will be buying any drinks.

Cancer awareness

Pink isn’t just to raise awareness for breast cancer. It’s also sold to raise money for research so women and men can fight breast cancer. Pray that you don’t get cancer.

No more taxes

I see our politicians want to implement another tax. We are getting taxed to death. We don’t need another tax; we need to spend our taxes more wisely.


The dams in Vaucluse and Graniteville should be removed. They impede water flow and are really old. They could cause floods in the future.

Millage rate

I see the school district wants a 1 percent sales tax. I’ll give it to them if they put a freeze on the millage rate for the next 15 years.


When will something be done about the drugs on Spruce Street and Fairlane Avenue?

Nuclear dollars

It’s appalling that the public has spent billions of tax dollars on nuclear development only to have a nuclear technology awareness group charge a fee to be included in a panel discussion at USC Aiken.

Museum money

We have a wonderful museum in Aiken in a beautiful location with something of interest for everyone. Why is money being raised for another museum? Why not give this money to the current museum to help improve it?


The officers who help with the outreach and Head Start are great. They do a lot to reach out to the community.