We are told daily that the Affordable Care Act is law. However, the law has been modified by the Office of Personnel Management to delay the implementation of the business mandate portion of the law. Additionally, the office has now changed the law so that the federal government will now pay a subsidy for members of Congress, their families and their staffs, as well as the staffs’ families to help offset the cost of premiums that they should now be required to pay out of their own pockets. This may represent a significant hardship on some of these people, but this hardship is a product of the Affordable Care Act and will be borne by the rest of America.

This preference toward the privileged class is not only unconstitutional, it is an unconscionable breach of the faith and confidence that should exist between government and the governed. These actions by the office, whose director was appointed by Obama and approved by the Senate, are contrary to the specific wording of the Affordable Care Act document and are outside the constitutional powers of the director of the office and the president.

This lawlessness on the part of our “leaders” is exceeded only by the absence of shame and mortification that should keep each of these elite civil employees awake at night. Sadly, this level of corruption is endemic to all who fall under the spell of absolute power. None of us is immune to this D.C. cancer, but is there no one without this moral turpitude, other than Sen. David Vitter, R-La., to stand up and scream foul?

Let there also be no doubt that these actions of blatant unfairness generate hate and discontent among those who are the objects of this inequity. Those who harbor such emotions may often be the tools of the unscrupulous.

Gus Fitch