A movement

There needs to be a movement to impeach all elected officials and get rid of them all. We need to start fresh.


If Obamacare is so great, why are the president and congress exempt? That’s against the law. Congress can pass no law they don’t abide by.

Enough said

Narcotics division. Camel Street. Enough said.


How can someone complain about the Marine in the dress blues holding the flag upside down? This country is in distress.

Wake up

I read an article about a man who had a gun on the subway. Everyone was looking at their smartphones. We all need to wake up and see that Obama is taking the world to Hades. A woman got an Obamaphone, hooked her head and hasn’t left her house.

Vote doesn’t count

I will never again vote for a Republican. They keep selling out their voters. They are sent to Washington to do the will of the people but they sell their platforms for money. My kids are going to have to pay this debt. I’m so disenfranchised. If I had the money, I would leave. My vote doesn’t count.

The middle class

The Republicans have caved, Democrats are doing their usual run around all Americans. A trillion more dollars to spend while the middle class is defeated. Why has our government taken care of the elite and destroyed the middle class? This president, President Obama, will go down in history as the worst president in American history.

Slow-moving cars

Everyone that has been trapped in a line of slow-moving cars on Hitchcock Parkway knows the only responsible improvement is widening to four lanes. Two times I have been trapped behind cars traveling 30 mph from Highway 421 to Silver Bluff Road.


SRS announced it was closing some barricades because of a reduction in funds. If SRS shut down completely, just think how much taxpayer money would be saved.

Wouldn’t take a check

On a recent trip to a store, my child wanted a toy. They wouldn’t take a check for less than $50. I didn’t want to spend $50, I only wanted the toy. My child cried. For shame.

Gas prices

Why is the price of gas different depending on the station?