Remain furloughed

SRS workers should remain furloughed, and there should be no foreign aid until they increase Social Security payments.

New parents

A lot of these foul-mouthed, pot-smoking, disrespectful teenagers need new parents who will discipline them. Their behavior isn’t the school’s fault.

An eyesore

Why is the City of Aiken not doing something about the houses on Whiskey Road across from CVS and Ladd Britt?

No concerns

I don’t remember there being any concerns about the bypass on the Northside. Why should the Southside be any different?

First impressions

There are only two entrances to Aiken from the interstate. Highway 19 is one of them. People exiting onto 19 are getting a bad view of Aiken. It needs a do-over really, really bad. Silver Bluff and Woodside are not entrances to Aiken. First impressions mean a lot.

In charge

Judge Judy should be put in charge of this congress. She’d put everything right.

Going up

I can’t believe the retail gas stations in Aiken. The gas prices have gone up 30 cents in some places.

No Dr. Phil

We don’t need Dr. Phil to negotiate with congress and the president; we need to pull them out of office. They report to us.

False advertisement

Why is “Diagnosis Murder” advertised as coming on TV, but instead a ballgame is shown?

Work report

When will the District 81 representative hold a meeting at the Weeks Center and report on his work for the community?

Paying bills

Why are SRS workers being treated differently than federal workers? They have bills to pay, too.

Run down

My family came from Dunbarton in the Savannah River Site area and we have a family cemetery there where my grandmother and other family members are buried. I went there on a tour of SRS and it’s the first time I’ve seen the cemetery in 40 years. It’s in horrible condition. Some of the tombstones are missing. Why are they letting it run down?