There was a very long article in the Aiken Standard pertaining to domestic violence. There was no reference whatsoever to a main contributor – alcohol. Why would this not even be mentioned? It’s dumbfounding. Is it intentional, simply overlooked or just ignored for a reason? I don’t understand it. An explanation should be forthcoming.

Marine with flag

In response to the TalkBack where an individual spoke against a former Marine who was simply indicating what he and the majority of this nation believe about our government and nation as a whole, it is true that wearing an armed forces uniform while not actively in the military is a federal offense. However, flying the American flag inverted is not an offense. He was indicating that we, the people, are in dire straights and need help.


There have been recent stories and editorials about raising the gas tax in our state. Absolutely not. We are already taxed to death. So what has our supposed Tea Party governor done about lowering taxes? Nothing. She is basically like a tax-and-spend Democrat who ran on false pretenses.

EBT cards

Those running the contract for the EBT cards should have their contracts revoked.

Deer hunt

SRS has canceled the deer hunts with the lame excuse of lack of federal appropriations. Are you kidding me? There is, however, a good side of this story.

Blame game

For those of you who love to bash our congressmen regarding the furloughs at the SRS, you are being willfully ignorant. Do you honestly believe one or two congressmen can change policy by simply waving a magic wand? If so, every state’s pet project would miraculously be reinstated and fully employed. Get real. The problems are the trickle-down results of a nation in crisis and to whomever you wish to assign the blame.

On the hill

The D.C. imperialists live like kings and queens with private limos, barber and beauty shops, dining and fitness rooms and Cadillac health care plans that don’t shut down. They also don’t lose their retirement plans. Do you really have to ask what they are protecting on the hill because it doesn’t seem to be us.

Andy Griffith

For those who are missing Andy Griffith, he comes on several times a day on channel 304.

Response time

North Augusta Public Safety could improve their response time if they spent less time on the interstate.