If criticism of President Obama is not racism, then why do anti-Obama rally participants carry the Confederate flag – a symbol to many of slavery? What’s next – white sheets and burning crosses? Readers may recognize me as the author of letters reflecting a liberal bias. However, I think both sides have areas of irrationality. The liberals have to recognize that entitlement reform is essential for the long-term financial health of America – or at least the ability to reach a political solution. But the conservatives have to recognize that we have some time to solve that problem, if we need to solve it in the next decade. They don’t have to shut down the government. The conservatives are irrational in denying any tax increases. To make that position a “make-or-break” negotiating point is irresponsible. Don’t make it a partisan poison pill.

A long-term deal involves entitlement reform – which effects future recipients and not current beneficiaries – and increased revenues. Fine tune the balance on the way to a prosperous future. Recognize the validity of both sides and work to find a workable middle ground.

Lester C. Welch