The Savannah River Site will resume normal operations on Monday after nearly three weeks of a government shutdown. Affected employees will not receive back pay for the furlough period.

According to Department of Energy's Savannah River Site representative Jim Giusti, Congress and President Barack Obama have agreed to partial FY14 funding for the Site.

“SRS should receive funding guidance from the Department of Energy by tomorrow,” Giusti stated in an email on Thursday.

The email further stated employees with Savannah River Remediation, the Site's liquid waste contractor, are requested to return to work beginning with their normal shift schedule on Monday.

Furloughed employees under Wackenhut Services Incorporated, the Site's security contractor, will be notified by their supervisors when to return to work.

“WSI is in the process of resuming normal operations,” stated Giusti in the email.

In addition, SRS will resume normal barricade operations on Monday. This includes re-opening barricades and lanes that had been closed due to the lapse in appropriations.

“All employees should continue to exercise caution when approaching site barricades,” Giusti added.

Employees who need to pick up their badge for re-entry should return to the Badge Office before reporting to their work location. Employees are required to bring state or federal issued photo ID for identification.

During the shutdown, SRS underwent a number of furloughs. The liquid waste contractor furloughed about 1,400 employees earlier this month. Last week, the security contractor furloughed 270 employees.

Derrek Asberry is a beat reporter with the Aiken Standard.