Liam McGinley’s Oct. 10th letter, “Aim of Republicans is to stop health care for working poor,” definitely shows us how sharply divided our nation is when considering what kind of government we desire.

McGinley also shows his ignorance of budgets and deficits by reciting the liberal Democrats’ view of political “facts.”

The same can be said of the Republicans in stating their view of the facts. Gamesmanship and smoke and mirrors are alive and well in the political arena.

What about the people? They fall into line and believe what the politicians are sputtering to the media, who in turn, also push their own party line.

Does anyone really believe that perceived falling deficits without a planned budget (in each of the last four years) is really good for our country? Does McGinley really believe that the bigger this liberal government grows using the “no budgets/grow the debt policy” will save us?

Remember, President Obama has doubled the national debt from $8 trillion to $16 trillion in less than five years out of 235 years of America’s existence – is that sane management? The real national debt is projected to be close to $80 trillion and some economists estimate up to $120 trillion. Is that moral?

Much like a family earning an income of $50,000 a year whose family debt is $1 million, I see certain bankruptcy in their future.

The Affordable Care Act enacted law started with about 3,000 pages; so far, it has taken 10,000 added pages to implement – and they’re just starting. Is this sane? I would be ashamed to have my name attached to such legislation.

America’s “yellow brick road” has faded to gray, crumbling stones unless the people wake up and smell the quick sand we are gradually sinking into. Our founding fathers would be absolutely astounded at how far we have come in killing the government they raised up and established.

Bonnie Alba