The Oct. 9 edition of the Aiken Standard contained a report that the Aiken County School Board was looking into a county-wide one-cent sales tax to provide for new construction and cyclical maintenance.

Apparently, to accomplish this additional tax they would need legislative approval and a county-wide referendum. This is the same school board that tried to jam a $230 million bond issue down the throats of the taxpayers by having a special election at a time when they thought no one would notice. This is also the same school board that recently gave away $800,000 per year for 15 years ($12 million) in future revenue to North Augusta so they could develop their waterfront property, which would include the construction of a baseball stadium.

I bet most of these school board members probably could even not balance their own checkbooks if their life depended on it. Until they get some fiscal responsibility, they don’t deserve another dime of taxpayer money and they sure don’t deserve another tax increase.

Ted Eno