The refusal by both parties to negotiate an agreement on the budget reached a point that they are like two little kids who can’t get along.

To top it off, the president and top Democrats have reached the point of name calling the Republicans terrorists, arsonists, etc., for not giving in to President Obama’s demands for support for Obamacare. How crazy is this?

Recently, at the gym, a friend and I were discussing the situation and he told me this isn’t about Obamacare, because the bill is called the Affordable Care Act.

Then it dawned on me why the president won’t negotiate, nor will Harry Reid. It is about not what the bill is called, but what is the media and the public almost always refers to it as, Obamacare. It is the president’s legacy.

If this Affordable Care Act or Obamacare or whatever you choose to call it, fails, what does the president have to show for eight years in office?

A tremendous increase in the national debt (more than $5 trillion so far; more than all the previous administrations put together; the Bengazi incident; the IRS’ focusing on and preventing “Tea Party” and other conservative groups from getting “nonprofit” status; NSA/CIA or whatever other intelligence groups are out there spying on everyone and gathering all sorts of personal data without anyone’s knowledge or permission; the “Fast and Furious” weapons fiasco; and on and on. Being the narcissist he is, President Obama can’t let this bill fail.

You need to sit down and think this through. Are you and especially this country better off today than we were five years ago? Think about it.

Richard Wilson