Another diatribe by the Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts, who always gets printed in the Aiken Standard.

Accusing any opposition to Obama’s dictatorship as being racist, cranks and outliers suffering from Obama dementia, he is trading on his reputation and ignoring the facts of Obama’s reign.

Far from being settled law, Obamacare has been revised illegally over 1,200 times by Obama when he granted exemptions to its implementation to his favorite cronies and complainers, including all members of Congress and their staffs.

In addition, the rollout of Obamacare has been a disaster inspite of more than 600 million dollars spent to create this malfunctioning software. Obama has flouted the Constitution and Bill of Rights whenever it suits him. No complaints from Leonard Pitts, no doubt because Obama’s “intent” is always good.

Obama has used the IRS to harass his opponents and uses the National Security Agency to gather information against them ahead of the next election.

In addition, Obama has appointed 62 far left czars to goad every government department to carry out his policies, the Chicago Way, leaving no Obama fingerprints.

His opponents in Congress rightly use all the legal leverage available to them to combat Obama’s, Reid’s and Pelosi’s tactics and policies, more power to them.

Thomas N. Dean