Everything changes

Visit the West Ashley location of Mellow Mushroom, and try to argue that it doesn’t, at least marginally, honor the history of the buildings it’s snatching up when possible, while making them awesome to be in again. Yes, fix the damage before painting. Yes, embrace whomever/however you can get to frequent downtown more often. Heaven forbid some change makes downtown and Aiken, in general, more than a collection of “historic” buildings mostly in unfrequented disrepair. Where were these people during the buildup of the Southside and the ridiculous strip mall chain store mess we have now? The Bowery was great, but if change is inevitable, there are way worse things that could be moving in. For example: Nothing.


Our daughter graduated from King Academy. She and another girl carpooled and swapped time to drive. You might do something there.

Drug problem

There is a rampant drug problem in an area on Whiskey Road. The police have been called, and they only send police when they can spare them. The City and the County don’t seem to care about these complaints.

Shutdown effects

I see that the government shutdown has done nothing to shut down the free phone giveaways around Aiken.

SRS furloughs

Does anyone know whether or not the furloughed workers at SRS are eligible for unemployment?

Drug dealing

There is so much drug dealing in Aiken County, and the police never respond. I have lived in my neighborhood for 10 years, and it’s getting worse and worse. It’s so blatant you can look out your window and see it going on. It needs to be put to an end.

Cultural center

The African American Center for History, Art and Culture isn’t doing much because the community doesn’t support it.

Road paving

It is a waste of taxpayer money to fund Project Jackson and a train that goes nowhere. We are spending money on things we don’t need, but we can’t spend a dime to pave roads in Melrose.

AARP membership

AARP does not work for seniors. I canceled my membership years ago and continue to receive notices to join.

People like you

A heartfelt thanks to the person who turned in my purse. People like you make Aiken a wonderful place to call home.