The Oct. 3 letter to the editor from Sandra Herrick piqued my interest. She vehemently complained about an editorial in the Aiken Standard from Sept. 27 that analyzed Ted Cruz’s diatribe, and, yes, it was a diatribe, on the Senate floor on Sept. 24. I had not read the editorial, so I went through all of the papers that were in my house until I found the Sept. 27 edition. The editorial in question was very well written, and the writer objectively analyzed Cruz’s 21-hour speech, which was completely void of substance.

Ted Cruz, after only being in the Senate for nine months, has established himself as the chief spokesperson for the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party. In the process, he has managed to alienate many of his fellow Republicans, and he has pushed the Republicans in the U.S. House to shut down the government in their efforts to overthrow the Affordable Care Act. The act is settled law, and the exchanges opened on Oct. 1 for citizens to begin to shop for insurance. More than 7 million Americans have visited to explore their options.

Herrick’s defense of Cruz is misguided. She chastised the editorial writer for viewing too much of MSNBC. I can tell from Herrick’s political leaning that she views too much of Fox News and she listens to too much of Rush Limbaugh and the many other conservative pundits. She needs to vary her media outlets in order to become more well-rounded. Those conservative outlets are not good sources of information.

As for the government shutdown, the Republicans are trying to convince the country they are not responsible for the shutdown. Their pleas are falling on deaf ears except for their primary base, which include people like Herrick.

Moses Mims