I consider myself an independent, right-of-center, conservative voter because both major parties seem to have been taken over by their extreme wings.

The Republican far right with a Taliban attitude has strapped on their explosive vests and is willing to obliterate any who disagree with their exact doctrine.

The Democrats’ far left, who never met a government program they didn’t love, is equally as ridged out there in la-la land socialism and ready to become the new Politburo for “The Cause.”

The current cause de jour resulting in government shutdown is the “Obamacare” debate with neither party apparently willing to give an inch.

My personal view is that it, like the Great Prohibition debate of the early 20th century, it is an idealistic law created with the best of intentions and administered by the worst of managers – the federal government – and is doomed to failure.

In the long run, it will not stand the test of reality and will inevitably collapse of its own ineptitude and unrealistic expectations of its end product – effective healthcare.

Whether that bill-of-goods can be revised, amended and rewritten so as to become workable in some form remains to be seen.

Given the national news media’s bias favoring the left, the Republicans will inevitably take the blame for the current government shut down.

That will kill them in the 2014 election cycle. They would do well to go ahead and pass the current budget and let the Obamacare program go down the toilet when the American voters wake up and realize that they’ve been sold a bill of goods by the president and his party.

Keep in mind that even the glib and Wonderful Wizard of Oz, when the smoke and mirrors were peeled away, turned out to be just another huffing and puffing snake oil salesman.

Jack DuBose