No Iron Man

The Iron Man should not come through Aiken County and inconvenience those of us who have somewhere to be.

Cars in carriage parade

I saw the carriage parade downtown and was distressed to see that the roads were not blocked off, and there were cars on the road. It was shameful to see cars and horses together.

Project Jackson value

If we didn’t vote for Project Jackson, we’d still get the money from the green space. This project brings the value of the property up to date, and they’ll pay that tax from now on.


Youngsters move into apartments, move around at all hours and take all the parking.


Prosecution is one of the poorest examples of good government.

Horses gleam at parade

Thank you to the people who organized the beautiful carriage parade, and extra thanks to those who participated and made their horses gleam.

South Aiken bypass

The bypass is the only thing we have left in South Aiken. I’m sick and tired of everything being shoved down our throats. We pay taxes and keep downtown beautiful. Take Richland Avenue, and go through downtown Aiken, and get on Whiskey Road. You’ll have access to everything you’ve ever wanted. Take your time and enjoy the beauty.