Last summer, Aiken was taken over and made into a movie set.

On Saturday, the red carpet was rolled out for the premiere of the Aiken-made movie, “Waiting for Butterflies.”

Cast member Cathy Ursy, of Beech Island, was excited and anxious to get inside.

“I always wanted to (do this),” she said on her movie and acting debuts.

She appears in the funeral scene shot inside George Funeral Home and Cremation Center.

Ursy was also one of the first to arrive at the URS Center for Performing Arts.

“I'm excited to see the movie, whether I'm in it or not, whether I'm seen or not,” she said. “It's a touching movie.”

The cast and crew, along with their guests, rode up in limousines. They walked the red carpet, waving and stopping for pictures along the way.

Chris Lydle from Chris' Camera Center awaited them at the end with his camera and a back drop, adding more to the night's “Hollywood experience,” he said.

Students from South Aiken High School's DECA organization were on-hand to assist with ushering, serving and more.

They also catered for the event, according to 11th-grader Merrill Whisenant.

Carla Cloud, who plays Rachel Mills in the film, spent all day getting the venue and herself ready for the big night.

Her goal was to make sure “everyone has a good time,” she said.

“It's a beautiful movie,” she said. “There are so many people excited and proud, and I'm proud for that.”

Cloud is also the executive director for the Aiken Downtown Development Association.

The film centers around a family torn apart by a past tragedy. One grandmother's dying wish is to have that family reunite.

Along with Cloud, the movie stars “October Baby” actor Jason Burkey as John Archer and local actor Bob Engle as James Archer.

Richard Clark, Jr., directed, wrote and produced.

The New Daydream Films, in association with Reverence Pictures Media and Allen Films, picture was shot over the course of two weeks last year.

It features more Aiken residents as cast members, while some acted as crew members.

Editing took about five months, according to Kent Allen, co-director, editors and producer.

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Stephanie Turner has a hand on all areas of production for the Aiken Standard, where she reports, edits and lays out pages. She graduated in July 2012 with a journalism degree from Valdosta State University and lives with her family in Evans, Ga.