It’s always a surprise to me that our “liberal media” allows the politicians to control the agenda.

The politicians always say, “American people want ... ” and “The most recent CNN poll says. ... ” Obviously, if the American people want whatever, Washington is probably wrong, and if they’re right, they prove time and again that what Americans want is not much of a priority for the 535 people that by some fluke were elected to represent what we want.

The big argument de jour is who’s going to be blamed for shutting down the government. Whether Obamacare is good, bad or indifferent, is the issue only because the “right” says it’s the issue – not what those intransigent left wing bums want you to think – that this is less important than shutting down the government.

Let’s say Obama and the Senate “cave.” So when the “right” wants another 100 billion to buy planes, tanks, guns – none of which is necessary to fight the fight in which we now find ourselves, but oh that military/industrial complex really has us by the short hair – does Obama cave again, having established a precedent for caving rather than leading?

We all agree don’t we, that Medicare, Medicaid, Defense, are all rife with fraud and abuse and we could save billions by cleaning up those messes.

Who’s stopping you?

Could you work out something on gun control or illegal immigration or border control or are they all less urgent to the American people than Obamacare?

Lastly, of course, Americans do have short memories, but they’re not as dumb as they vote. Clearly, trading Obamacare for government shutdown will be blamed on the known “take-no-prisoners” attitude of the right and you’re heading for a Democratic House, Senate, and president next year. Ooooh.

Edwin Bowers