I would like to recognize and thank the following people for all the hard work they do for the people here in South Carolina.

I had problem with my Social Security check being sent to the wrong state. I contacted the agency and they did not help at all. I had two checks missing. I contacted Roland Smith, our state representative, who put me in touch with Sarah Beaulieu, a case analyst here in Aiken.

She works with Joe Wilson, congressman for South Carolina’s Second District, who made sure that the Social Security office got my money deposited in my account in a timely manner.

If not for these people, it would have been months before it was corrected. As many of you on Social Security know, we don’t wait on our money, we are on a fixed income. So again, thank you Roland Smith, Sarah Beaulieu and Joe Wilson. We appreciate your hard work.

Margie Parish

Beech Island