A new mobile home park got a thumbs up from the Aiken County Planning Commission, making it one of the first to go through the complete application and approval process.

The vote to approve the application was unanimous on Thursday during the Commission's regular meeting – Commissioners Christian Lentz, Terri Turner and Don Toole were not present.

A mobile park will be placed on a plot of land at 245 Wire Road in Aiken where Georgia-Carolina Bonds is currently located.

The lot is a little more than 9 acres and will include 33 mobile homes.

Edgebert Wilson, who submitted the application, said the land located behind the business is not currently in use, and he said this would give him an opportunity to help citizens in the community.

Before 2006, anyone who wanted to establish a mobile home park didn't have to go through the Planning Commission, but it was later made a requirement, said County Planning Director Stephen Strohminger.

Strohminger said past applicants have either withdrawn plans or changed them to a point in which they no longer met the County's definition of a mobile park.

The County considers five manufactured homes or more on a parcel of land a mobile home park. A mobile home park must be on a lot larger than 5 acres, according to the County's land management ordinance.

In other business, the Commission recommended Council approve the rezoning of a host of tax parcels in the Montmorenci area but suggests gathering more public input.

Council has expressed its desire to hold another public hearing regarding the issue.

The proposal was initially to rezone the tax parcels from rural development, which allows a wide variety of uses, to the much more restrictive residential-horse business district.

Later, agricultural preservation was suggested as potential zoning for the area.

Amy Banton is the County reporter for the Aiken Standard and has been with the publication since May 2010.