Project Jackson

I haven't heard anything about the burden the people planned to live in the Project Jackson apartments will inflict on the schools and county services.

Food stamps

Food stamps are not stamps anymore. People are given a card that looks like a regular credit/debit card. It makes you think that the person using it is actually paying for the groceries. In reality, the guy in line who pays taxes is paying for the “food stamp” person.

No one should be on food stamps for 16 years. Shouldn't there be a limit for how long people can rely on someone else to supply their food? Why can't these people get a job and support themselves and their family?

Aiken's Makin'

It's called Aiken's Makin', but is that really true? It would be interesting to know how many of the 70 or so vendors are actually from Aiken or even South Ccarolina. The two or three mentioned in the article were from other states. I'm betting only about one third are actually from this area. Perhaps a name change is in order.

Local hero

The article about Williston police officer, Cpl. Joey Patsourakos, who saved a drowning man, was remarkable in several ways. He chose to go to the accident scene because he might be able to help. At the accident scene he found out that no one had yet checked for a victim in the submerged vehicle. He dove into the pond and was able to break a window. He found the victim on his second try. He was able to pull the semi-conscious man out through the window and got him to dry land. Amazingly, the victim is recovering and did not require hospitalization. Even though Cpl. Patsourakos dismissed his brave action by saying “That's what I do,” he certainly fits my definition of a hero: One who risks his safety for the benefit of his fellow man.

Sam's Club location

Someone needs to tell the new Sam's Club it is in Graniteville, not in Aiken.

Animal abuse

After reading the story about the animal abuse case, I implore the City and County to implement harsh penalties for such things. Animal abuse is running rampant and something must be done.

Aiken Mall

The Aiken Mall needs to have some restaurants as well as a discount store. You have to leave the store in order to eat. Keeping people in the mall will make them spend more money and will help keep it open.