An Aiken man was cited for cruelty to animals after allegedly riding down the road while holding a puppy out the car window by its neck, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

An officer was traveling on Hampton Avenue near Sumter Street on Monday when he saw a small puppy “appear to hang half of his body out of the window” of a Honda Accord in front of him, according to the report.

“As the vehicle continued moving, the front seat passenger appeared to hold the dog’s entire body out of the window by his neck,” the report stated.

The officer pulled the vehicle over. The passenger, 30-year-old Christopher Drumming of Union Street, said the dog was trying to jump out of the car and he was trying to keep him in.

When questioned further, Drumming said he was “just moving the dog out of the way while he repositioned his bag in the front floorboard area,” according to the report.

He denied holding the dog by its neck, and said he had two hands on the dog, the report stated.

“That would not be possible to hold the dog with two hands and reposition a bag in the floor at the same time,” the officer wrote.

Drumming was then issued a citation for cruelty to animals. The small blue pit bull puppy was taken to the SCPA for boarding until the case can be resolved.

Man cited for animal cruelty against puppy