Dear Scott: I read your column and you have mentioned that you like Beyonce’s long caramel colored hair. What’s up with Beyonce’s hair? Did she get a haircut or did she remove her extensions? Do you think her new pixie cut looks good on her? I personally liked it better the other way.

Answer: Everyone is entitled to making at least one hair disaster in their lifetime.

Singer/Actress Beyonce Knowles is one of my favorites to watch when star gazing. Her performances are done dancing the stage while flipping her hair back and forth, up and down, and around and around. One time she flipped it so hard, she flipped her entire body onto the ground.

Only her hairdresser knows for sure if Beyonce cut her hair or simply took out the extensions. After reading poor reviews on Twitter and Facebook, the pixie cut has already morphed into a bob in just a week. My guess is that those trademarked long, caramel-colored locks are sitting on a table somewhere within reach.

Reports say that her stylist has been boasting that her new blonde hair color took over four hours. After seeing it, makes me wonder why it couldn’t have been done in about 45 minutes. I wonder how long it’s going to take to weave all that beautiful long multi-dimensional-caramel-colored hair back on her head.

When Anne Hathaway cut off all her hair for “Les Miserables,” everyone cheered at the results. Halle Berry looks better with her trademark short pixie cut than she does with long hair extensions. So you would think that, with Beyonce’s beautiful bone structure, she, too, wouldn’t have any trouble pulling off the look.

Changing your appearance is a good thing. Sometimes you get bored with yourself and just need something new for the sake of something different. Sometimes people need a change just to appreciate what they had in the first place. This may be one of those times.

Cutting off long hair to short is great if your goal is to shock the world. But there is nothing more disappointing than hearing everyone say “I liked it better the other way.” But since you asked, I liked it better the other way, too.

Dear Scott: I am writing to ask you about eyelash serum. As you probably know, this stuff actually does enhance and encourage eyelash growth, but it also works on eyebrows. The product I want to ask you about is called RapidLash with Hexatein 1 Complex. Do you know what Hexatein 1 Complex is and whether or not it might be harmful? I am wary about something that promotes cell growth. Thank you for any information you might provide.

Answer: This kind of recommendation is out of my field of expertise. A doctor’s office would be the best place to purchase this kind of cosmetic enhancement product. I would steer clear of anything that can be purchased online.

Ask a physician about your concerns before buying. There are side affects, as with anything, and they will be able to discuss them with you. You can research the reviews of these products online, but the long-term effects aren’t going to be available yet.

Scott Terwilliger is an Aiken salon owner and master stylist. Scott can be reached at for questions and comments.