Contemporary Christian artist Eddie Bismyname travels the United States to spread the message, “You are not alone.”

The singer – also known as Eddie B with his current hit “Not Alone” – will be in Aiken County this weekend.

He will perform today at 7 p.m., at the Driven by the Spirit Motorcycle Ministry in Clearwater and on Sunday at 10 a.m., at Aiken Technical College.

Audiences can expect a sermon, worship and rock ’n’ roll to blues music, he said.

“I want to teach them to, instead of just having a moment with God, to pursue an encounter with God,” Eddie said.

The faith-based artist found Jesus during a crossroads in his life.

“I finally turned to Christ in an empty church,” he wrote in his biography. “I knew I was dying, and nobody could help me.”

He struggled and rose. Eddie is now married and has six children, he said.

“My wife is beautiful,” he said. “It’s awesome.”

She is also a singer, though focusing more on praise music.

Eddie visits prisons and high schools, giving away CDs.

“They love the music, so its to be able to reach them spiritually when we aren’t there,” he said.

His also mentioned that the families with relatives that are incarcerated are suffering just as much.

“They do time, as much time as (the prisoners) do,” he said as another reason for the giveaway. “I felt like so many people feel like they are alone,” he said. “They are not alone. God is here for us.”

Eddie also has written three books and pastors at Conviction For Christ Ministries in New Mexico.

Both concerts are free.

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