I read a talkback comment about Congressman Wilson  “not addressing veterans and helping with veteran issues.” How dare you. I have a short story for you and a few comments in Wilson’s defense. I applied for disability in January 2013 and drew my first check in September 2013.  I have been around long enough and worked in health care for several doctors and health facilities to know how difficult it is to be heard. In Social Security’s circumstance, they are over-worked and can only handle so much.  I understand that.

Do you vote and have faith in who you vote for? Have you ever contacted Wilson’s office and asked for his presence at one of your group meetings? My advice would be to get that “chip” off your shoulder, whatever it may be, and ask for help. He is there to represent you and your group. He also has a very well trained assistant who works very close with the Congressman. 

You have to make the first step and it’s not just writing a negative comment when you have not given the man a chance to address your groups concerns. You have to do your part also.

While my case was in process, he contacted me by letter with every letter he received from disability staff.  He also publishes a newsletter that you can get on your email to inform you of his travels, speaking to concerned citizens, etc.

Take a stand, call his office and I know if there are problems, he will get to the bottom of the case without fail. 

I also feel that you owe Wilson an apology for your negative comments. You must take an active stand with him and work together. Invite him to one of your meetings. Have an agenda. He does care very much about the people he represents and will do his part. These negative comments will only reflect a negative light, shining right back on you. 

I wish you luck, and please understand I’m not trying to “call you out” as not having real problems, but trying to reach you with a positive way to tackle them. 

Sheila Spicer