Our state

South Carolina is a Republican state, and Obama has nothing to do with the layoffs at SRS.

Lunch time

The eighth-grade teachers at some schools are made to stand up and eat their lunch. Why can’t they sit down and eat?


The power company isn’t giving us enough electricity to run our appliances. I can’t even operate my air conditioner.


Principal appointments should be made before school opens.

Gun control

I was greatly relieved to see in Friday’s paper the AP article in which Vice President Joe Biden announced the administration’s plans “to close the little-known loophole that lets felons and others circumvent background checks by registering guns to corporations.” I’m sure this will cut gun violence by at least half, leaving us only the non-corporate gunmen with which to still deal. Get real, Joe! Stop blowin’ smoke and propose something that will get the killers off the streets and keep them off.

Mall stores

The mall should put some discount stores in it. A discount store would attract more people.

Fast-food jobs

Jobs at fast-food restaurants are not intended to be full-time careers. If you want $15 an hour, you’d have to do the work for three people. Get an education and get a better job.

Leg cramps

I need a remedy for leg cramps.

Older dogs

Older dogs sometimes live for five to 10 years. They can still be good companions. Just because they’re old doesn’t mean they should be killed.

Manhole covers

Does anybody know why they put manhole covers in the middle of the street? I’d love to know why this happens and where the logic is in that. They are knocking my vehicle out of alignment.


What’s the difference between being killed by bullets, bombs or poison gas? I suggest you’re just as dead from any one of the three. As I recall, we used the atomic bomb on Japan. In summary, I’m for staying out of the civil war in Syria. They have just as much right to kill each other as we did 150 years ago.