Dog adoption

I have adopted three dogs that were older and received many years of companionship from them. They were already house-trained and wonderfully trainable.

Nuclear power

How can you say that nuclear power is clean when there are tons of spent fuel from nuclear plants sitting around with no place to go?

Paula Deen

I, too, have cut my purchases from Walmart and Target. They shouldn’t boycott Paula Deen.

When is Paula Deen going to be put back on TV? We miss her. She should have never been taken off in the first place.

Gateway drug dealers

If marijuana is considered a gateway drug, will the marijuana growers be charged in much the same way the tobacco companies were?

Sex offenders

Is there anyway to get a publication of sex offenders by zip code in the Aiken and Augusta areas?

Voter ID

You have to show your ID to do just about everything in the world. Why wouldn’t you have to show it to vote?

Quiet restaurants

The Bowery is the last restaurant you can go in and have a quiet meal without kids running around. There is nowhere in Aiken you can go where it’s quiet. The other restaurants in Aiken are all so loud.